Roughly Staged


What is Roughly Staged?

Roughly Staged is a fast-paced scratch night for new theatre writing in Glasgow!

At each event we present four brand new 15-minute plays for a script-in-hand performance, with virtually no rehearsal.

Come and see brand new theatre from local writers, before the ink has even dried.

How it works

Roughly Staged is a voluntary event, to help writers and performers improve their craft.

We welcome scripts from writers of all backgrounds, styles and experience levels.

We will work with selected writers to find actors who can perform their script at one of our nights (casting calls will be posted on Facebook.)

On the day of the performance, we will have 2 hours to rehearse and prepare the material. But extensive rehearsal is not required - the idea is to try out new work quickly.

Each script will be performed script-in-hand, will last around 15 minutes and feature a maximum of 3 actors.

After each performance, we'll invite feedback from the audience. Writers will have the opportunity to ask questions to the audience about their work.


For all enquiries please email [email protected]